Silver Star ES-85-110V-S,110V,Gravity Feed
Steam Iron with Clear Silicone Hose,Water
Bottle Tank, Non-Stick Laminate Sole Plate,
and Demineralizer

Light and easy to be handled in narrow spaces because of the gravity dripping
emission method which does not need boiler.

Classified into two categories,iron for middle process and irons for completion
process by each operation process.

The steam button switch exhibits excellent design and provides responsive touch

Urethane handle reduces the fatigue of long handling through the ergonomic method

Contains the durable easy;lamp and double safety cout-out system

5 levels of temperature adjustment using dial "

Level 1~2: Pre-heating
Level 3: Silk
Level 4: Cotton, Wool
Level 5: Linen,etc.

Hard anodized coating enables to maximize the efficiency of operation through having
no hand of fabric

International certified electric and electric parts used in accordance with the
specification of IEC (VED,UL,CSA,CE,CQC etc)

⦁ Special rubber handle keep hands super cool
⦁ Easily replaceable UL approved thermostat
⦁ Stainless steel & hard anodized base superior pressing
⦁ High quality steam distribution
⦁ Surface durability
⦁ Light touch microswitch

⦁ Electricity :110 Volts
⦁ Wattage :1000 Watts
⦁ Weight : 2.30KG
⦁ Size of base: (L)209 MM X (W)120 MM
Method of steam emission: One-touch button switch type
Size of water tank: 4.0L
Silicone Hose: 2.0M
⦁ Silver Star ES-85 Gravity Fed Steam Iron
⦁ Demineralizer
⦁ Hanging Water Bottle
⦁ Silicone Hose
Non-Stick Laminate Iron Shoe (prevents scorching)
⦁ High-Temperature Iron Rest
⦁ All Necessary Hardware and Accessories

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