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Sewing Lamps & Magnifier
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L.E.D-O-Brite, LED 28 Task Lamp Light
Flexible with 28 Bulbs, 22" Flex Goose
Neck, 140 Lumens, 3" Pivot Head,
Honeycomb 2~48W, 110v-220v /50-60hz,
60,000 Hours Service Life for Years of Light
with 2 Way-Adjustment for Brightness  
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Adjustable Uberlight Flexible LED Task
Light with 28 LED Lights,110V Built-in
on/off Switch, No Clamp
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The Omega 5 Magnifier is a modern, 110V
ergonomically designed magnifying lamp.
It has a large 5" diameter, 3 diopter,1.75X,
glass lens and high power LEDs with 2
brightness levels for clear viewing. The
internal spring arm allows accurate
positioning. It comes with two 5"
diameter lenses in 3 diopter and 5
Sale Price$249.99
The Daylight Slimline LED Magnifying
Lamp, 110V, provides high contrast and
accurate color matching, clearly. LED’s
never need replacing and use very little
energy. Bright Daylight LED’s, High quality
13cm/5” lenses included, 1.75X and 2.25X *
Lamp brightness 6000 Lux at 15cm * Total
amount of visible light emitted in Lumens
is 756 * Total amount of visible light
emitted in Lumens is 756, No Floor Stand !
Sale Price$202.99
Daylight Mag Lamp S + Floor stand, 110V,
Magnification, Clarity, Brighter, Color and
Ergonomics Lamp
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Hands FREE Magnifier Head Strap
with Double Lens & Lights
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Magnetic 110V,Bright LED Bendable Lamp
with on/off switch
Sale Price$29.99
Superior 3 Lighting Levels Energy Saver
Natural Light 30 LED Spotlights, 110V
Magnet Lamp
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