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How To Order From This Website

There are several ways to order from Dr. Dane's Sewing Machine Hospital

To order,simply press the "ADD TO CART ",button on the products on our site, is the quickest and best way and
save 10% handling fee.
If you prefer to give your credit card information over the phone,call us at 1-800-939-9956,
(985)-893-0050 or (504)-443-3670
Monday- Friday 10:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m (central standard time)
We also accept payments by credit card,pay pal,or money order.
If paying with money order your product(s),will be shipped when payment is received.
All of your payment information is taken through our secure Yahoo server.

If you wish to order products from:
Dr. Dane's Sewing Machine Hospital,Simply click on the email icon at the
bottom of this page.

When E-Mailing:
Please Include your:
Name and Phone number, so that one of our staff-teammates, can get back with you to complete your order.

Please Include the following when ordering:
Address:(where product will be shipped)
City, State, Zip
Credit Card Information:(not to be sent,in via email)
Brand of Item you are purchasing
Item #
*Due to the high volume of via email's, and telephone calls, all calls are returned in the order received*.

Once order is filled we will give you the total price of your order. Remember shipping cost are separate from your
SHIPPING for details).And if you like to,"Cancel",your order(s),after it has been processed in our
automated system,and in,UPS ground shipping and handling,and with our distributors,then
See our Cancellation Store Policy),in Returns Policy.

*Please make Note, that "UPS, Fed-EX or Any Freight Line,does: "NOT", ship to PO Boxes* !

Placing order(s),from our legal:(Yahoo Small Business),are important from each,(Buyer to make),"Sure their
selection is correct before placing, and proceeding forward to our:"check-out manager", when you are
done-shopping, and finalized, your order. When placing order(s),please take in consideration that: Part(s),that are
listed on our website are the proper part, and model number(s),from our distributors,these are their products,not
ours."You may also find some that are: Our Part(s),or Product(s),we have in our stock, and these are our part
number(s), and for the correct part(s),code(s),item(s),of product(s).

Our automated Checkout Manager,through Yahoo Small Business,sends each, Buyer a copy of their,finalized order
invoice. It also,"Shows","if",the part(s),code(s),item(s),are available,and that "if",Not,we contact the Buyer within 48
Hours of the notification,that you received,after you placed your order(s),finalized. We will respond in a timely
fashion to you,on the next following business day of our operational local business, store hours.*Unless something
could happen,on the next following business, day of our operational local business store hours,we will still respond
in a timely fashion.

*Please keep in "considerations",that all of our parts and products,distributor's are:"Closed on Weekends", and
they do Not open, until the next following business day of their operational business store hours. And any/all
part(s),code(s),item(s),that are:(on hold),this is why we can Not, place an order from each, to be dropped-shipped
to you. Because you ordered it/them, on a weekend and because, their closed.

If you are trying to place an order, by selecting the: "(ADD TO CART)", button and it does Not accept your
order(s),please refer to our: (
Shipping Policy Terms Tab),or Contact Your Credit Card Holder(s),or Pay Pal for
your question(s). Same as "if" your checking out in our check-out manager, and it "shows" your credit card going to
(Pay Pal), and you have no Pay Pal account,or do Not want your credit card to go through them,then
(Pay Pal),their the ones to answer your question(s),not us !

*Each invoice order, that we at: www.drdanessmh.com,receive from our: Yahoo Small Business Merchant Starter
account, are only filled,secured packing procedure,Only "if",the Part(s),Code(s),or Item(s),are in stock. From there
we fill-out the: Buyer(s),invoice order,type the tracking number on the invoice. Also, you will see your shipping date
and the:(Will Ship in), and,(Made- Update- Notes),on the Invoice, in our: "Merchant Note",box field, that is located
on each invoice order, received. We make a copy of the invoice order, along with the:(Buyer Name), in front of your
order PDF, and send a copy to, your via email each, supplied.

*Each invoice order has a field area on it with blank box for:(Special Notes),for the Buyer(s),This is (Optional), to
the Buyer, where they can type in their question(s),or remarks,notes,etc. Which in some cases,some
order(s),arrive to us with the:
Buyer Special Notes,on the invoice order. We contact each by either:(Telephone
Number or via Email)
,each provide with an answer,and the status. Where it is recorded within an via email or on the
invoice order,in our: ("Merchant Notes"),field box. Then save your order invoice, in the way we received
(date,month and year),in a folder we keep on file. A copy is made along with our shipping company(s),staple
together and place all shipped order(s),in, our filing system. All/Any,invoice order(s),that are, Not Filled,it is only
due to the part(s),or product(s),that are on order or (
Back-order),from our distributor(s),waiting for it, to arrive to
us. So we can fill the entire order(s),and Ship within the (
Will Ship in),that is located on your invoice order(s).

*Note,if your order is:(Placed on a Weekend),please keep in consideration,(that we do "Not"- Ship-Orders on
Weekends. However we can,Fill-it out,with our legal documents of policy terms on it,in the Merchant Note box
field,but:(Not Ship). "Why is because we're schedule only on:(
Tuesday & Friday), after: 5:00 P.M.,CST, for
Pick-up, from:"(UPS)",our shipping provider! However can put a:(Will Ship in),on the invoice,but Not ship,and we will
respond in a timely fashion to you,on the next following business day, of our operational local business, store
hours.*Unless something could happen, on the next following business day, of our operational local business, store
hours,we will respond in a timely fashion.

*It is Most Important to keep in Note,when placing your order(s),with us or any other website that offers part(s) or
product(s),over the worldwide net
,You will Receive the Item(s),You Purchased !
We at www.drdanessmh.com,are Not liable for you to receive the wrong Part(s),or Product(s),due to your
miss-judgment(s),or mistake(s),or:
Not Knowing Part(s),Your Model Number, and Product(s),or you have a
Problem, with your machinery,etc. Once you finalized, the order(s),they are in processed, with the number(s),of our
selection,where at:
www.drdanessmh.com,*Only Fills, What the Invoice Order, Shows and Sorry, No RA
Number(s),will be Giving, these are our legal terms, of store policies!

Our automated, check-out manager through:(Yahoo Aabaco Small Business),Pay Pal and Major Credit Card
Companies, are through each:
"ADD TO CART" ,buttons,where we follow, their guideline policies,legal terms. Same with our shipping, and
handling company,their company store
policies,legal, terms and prices.

*Where we do, "Not", see your information on your credit card number,only:(Pay Pal), or your credit card
company(s),has this information!

*Our shipping and handling company charges us their freight amount,where each are rounded off the weight to the
next pound. From: 0.1oz.(Ounce) -1.0 lb,(Pound(s),and the dimensions of each packing,their:
(Fuel and Zone
We only use guideline shipping envelope,boxes,shipping tapes,crate,pallet(s),and they do not come with
the part(s), or product(s),price. We try to make each order small enough,so the shipping document fits on
each,only by following, freight companies policies,legal terms.

Sorry,but we do NOT put:
Stamp(s),on envelopes,we been down this Avenue,we ship the order(s),"you"- email or
call and say never received it. Then we have to send another,"More Waiting/Postage/Envelope/Order, Invoice", and
you received:
(two for one). "Sorry, but these are our policy terms, and we do not go to the:(USPS office), and we
can Not, use them for Pick-ups. We use:
UPS, ground for order(s),and since our:(server),does Not allow us to
set-up weight prices on Part(s) and Product(s),that exceed;(from 0.01 once to 600 pounds),throughout our
website. *We are only
Allowed,to use what they offer us,with UPS ground shipping and handling fees,their prices.

*So please do not write on the:(Comment Field Box),on your invoice about:UPS freight fee, prices or email/call us,
to do so on the freight you see in our:"(checkout store manager)",or your suggestion(s),on freight fee, or you do
not want to pay the:(UPS),Ground shipping and handling fee. You will receive
Your, product(s), part(s),
easier and quicker and you receive your order(s),on our policies of legal, business terms. And they pick-up
each:(4-7),day ground order(s),or any other date shown,on your invoice,either each:(
Tuesday & Friday),evening
around:(5 P.M.CST), and it will be shipped from us,and on it's way to you! *This is "Only" if, the:(code(s),you
placed,are in our stock,we do not stock all part(s),or product(s),and this is why we use:

*Since some part(s),that weight is under 1.0 pound,we Include you, a "Free-Gift", of our choice, a value of $5.99
or,greater,for your purchase,and it
"Saves You",a few dollars: Off your freight, this is a
"(Courtesy)", from us !

"If", you would like next day, 2 day, 3 day Air or Ground shipping, "Please", call us to make the
arrangements on the additional UPS fees, with us!

*All/Any Return(s), Filing a Claim, See our Store and Return or Cancellation, Policies, which are located on
the Tabs on our website.

Thank You
Customer Support Team

Ordering 5 or more:(specialty items),will be shipped; "Free", within the United States, ask about these
items, when ordering.

Thank You for shopping at: Dr. Dane's Sewing Machine Hospital
We Appreciate Your Business, Your Patience and You reading our terms of legal Policies
At Dr. Dane's Sewing Machine Hospital we have the right to correct our  
prices at anytime without notification, but at our "courtesy", we will
contact you if  they do!