*Please Read Our Policy Fully *

"Sorry Folks", but we have to say that we do not give out "Free-Quote(s) & Price(s) or Free-
Information" on any Part or Product any Longer
and (we would appreciate your understandings) !
The reason is that it takes-up a great period of our valuable time to research each during our extremely
busy store front business and operational store hours-days that can be found on our home page and while
assisting buyers. Then after all that our staff does the research for
"You" and all that is involved with our
time and with our distributors or from our parts/products manuals and researching. We reply to your email
or send
You an email or call You on what is available and the price we can only offer. "You" either: Cancel
or Do Not Reply back to us and you go elsewhere with our information and we: (
) & ( they do Not send US a Check ) !

*We do however know that our *Beautiful USA Country* , and all over the Globe has many
difficulties, hard-times, challenges and many changes that none of us Legal American Citizens
asked for and e hope you understand, that we at: www.drdanessmh.com can not control or
change ! Same with our distributors or part(s) - product(s), their model(s),part number(s), their
prices and their store policies and we Not have ebay or Wal-mart return store policies. As we all
know in todays' world that each are looking for a cheaper price, we can only offer the prices
shown throughout our website as well as our legal store policies.

*We ask that You kindly read our store policies fully throughout our legal Yahoo website, As we
ask you to read all of them that are posted on our website Before you Place an Order or email are
calls us.

Also, each Product(s), or Part(s), throughout our website are the correct Item(s), and Part(s),
Description(s), for your select purchase.

*And we always make room for more patients & their owner(s), @ our Hospital *

                                                                Thank You !
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