www.drdanessmh.com warranty store policy/

All Brand New Mechanical Part(s),are warranty for (90),days. If you feel or think that part(s),are broken and
that you would like to return them, then you MUST have the original packing that it came within and the
original receipt on sale date and shipped back as you received.*Please read our
return store policy. After the
(90),days, after your purchase, Defects in materials and workmanship not covered by warranty.

All Brand New Electrical Part(s),are warranty for (90) days, in defects in material, Not in workmanship.

All /Any Electronic, Electrical Part(s),that are sold or purchased separately or ordered are
NOT warranted
and will
Not give a refund of any such item(s), returned. We are sorry, but we do not issue cash refunds or
credit any account(s), only store credits will be given.

All /Any Brand New Part(s), Machine(s), or any/all Sewing need(s), Supplies, Sewing Aid(s),without the
Original Packing will be charged 35% Restocking fee. All/Any, machine(s), or product(s), that are purchase
within our store locations, come with the manufactor warranties that their name brand of product, that
hold(s), their warranty, each offers and a (90), day warranty or a Limited warranty, (Read their policies).

Used Part(s), are not warranted and are non-refundable, non-returnable, or non-creditable to your

If it breaks within the warranty terms we offer and you decide to repair or fix it on your own, and do no
return it to us for adjustment(s), repair(s), then you lose your (90), day warranty by us and the manufactory


                                                           Thank You !
Dr. Dane's Sewing Machine Hospital Warranty Policy