Husqvarna-Viking #1+, Used, In Good Clean Inside and
Working Condition, 05-9-17, Home Embroidery, Sewing,
Quilting Machine, with Accessories Shown, Below in Image !

This is a used, but very nice Husqvarna-Viking #1+, Made in Sweden, 120v~60Hz, 0.3 Amp., Home
Embroidery, Quilting, Sewing machine, and comes with everything you see here in the Image below.
The machine has been pre-serviced fully 05-9-2017, and  tested for:(utility, decorative, buttonhole,
stitches), and works great for what it comes with, and it's clean throughout, well serviced, and a one
time owner!

It does hold minor normal "ware-n-tear", usage, and just a few small minor scratch marks, that not
that noticeable, but nothing "major" is damaged or not working to this clean durable constructed,
home usage machine. Also included is one original copy of the sewing, quilting instruction manual.

And it does NOT, come with the: (Accessory Tray or the Embroidery Unit, or any card(s) or any
Hoops). Only comes as Shown in Images !

Single Needle
Made in Sweden,120v~60Hz, 0.3 Amp.
Free Arm
Automatic Top Tension Dial
Main Power On/off Button Switch
Rear Thread Guide for Direct Bobbin Winding
Bobbin Spindle
Bobbin Stop
Side Bobbin Winder
Presser Foot Lift by Hand
Top Vertical Spool Pin
Back Cover Horizontal Spool Pin
Sewing Advisor
E, Run/Stop Button
Needle Up/Down Button
Speed Control Button
Reverse Feed Button/Start-Stop
Buttonhole Sensor Socket
Adjustable Stitch Length Button
Adjustable Width Button
Infodisplay Presser Foot Indicator
Program Memory Selector
Side to Side Mirror Image
End to End Mirror Image
Cursor Buttons
Interchangeable Cassette Slot
Drop Feed Button
Adjustable Presser Foot Dial
One Needle or Twin Needle Safety Button
Embroidery Card Reader
Memory Clear
Left Side Thread Cutter
Door for Shuttle(Hook)
Foot Control Hook
Embroidery Unit Socket
Top Carry Handle

Accessories Included:
(1), Snap-on Shank
(1), Straight Stitch Snap-on Foot
(1), All Purpose "S" Snap-on Presser Foot
(1), Open Toe Applique Snap-on Foot
(1), Buttonhole Snap-on Foot
(1), 5mm Zig Zag Snap-on Foot with Guide
(1), Zipper Snap-on Foot
(1), Gathering Snap-on Foot
(1), Automatic Sensor Buttonhole Foot
(1), Button Clearance Plate
(1), Large Spool Wedge
(1), Small Spool Wedge
(2), Red Felts
(1), Small Seam Ripper
(1), Metal Bobbin Case
(6), Plastic Bobbins
(1), "A" Interchangeable, Cassette
(1), Pack of Organ(10)pcs., HA x1 130/705H, 15x 1, 75/11 Fine Point Needles
(1), Pack of Organ(10)pcs., HA x1 130/705H, 15x 1, 90/14 Fine Point Needles
(1), Electronic Foot Control Pedal with Retractable Cord
(1), Electrical 120v Power Cord
(1), Hard Cover Shell
(1), Operating Manual #1+ Husqvarna 1250

Availability: No

Condition: Used, Serviced 05-9-17, Floor Model, Sale Price

Shipping: This item usually leaves our store 4-7 business days, after your purchase. It will
also come in a well secured guideline shipping carton, Not the Original !

Returns: Non-Returnable, Non-Refundable, Non-Creditable, Non-Replaceable

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