Singer 403A, Slant-O-Matic, Single Slant Needle
Model, Used, in Good Working Condition, All Metal
Gears, Clean, Smooth Running, Flatbed Quilting/
Sewing Machine, with Accessories "Shown" Below
in the Image !

This Singer 403A, Slant-O-Matic Used, in good working condition, built in the USA,
between:(1959-1960), Singer Slant-O-Matic Model, that has been professionally pre-serviced
on:(5-10-17), and clean for it's model. The Singer 403A Slant-O-Matic home sewing machine with
normal "ware-n-tear", few minor scratch marks, a slant presser, and needle bar, that allows clear
view of the stitching area. The metal gears driven are well oiled and greased, and the machine
"doesn't", sound like a "train", it's a "nice running, smooth", sound machine. The motor armature has
been polished and cleaned, and the brushes are fine. This home sewing machine has one plate, so
you can go from a straight, to a zig-zag stitch, and make a "rick-rack", finishing edge stitch. Simply
position-up the stitch width lever over to the right, your desire, and turn the stitch length to "fine", or
your desire, turn "silver knob",to the right to lock it. It will make the design pattern, when you put in
a "cam",for a decorative stitches on the material. The original presser foot being 1/2-inch=5.0mm
wide, this machine will allow you to align-up the your material with the needle markings on the
needle plate. Either use the "All purpose or the zipper foot".

With the metal feed dogs up, under the pressure foot, the Singer 403A is easy stitching, and pulls
the fabric straight, each time your behind and using this machine. And if you are wanting to use
the:(Free Motion Darning, Embroidering, Quilting), feature, simply pull the"silver" lever back, and it
rise up the needle plate.  It also has a easy to follow threading chart inside the take-up cover, that
comes in handy, when to can remember where your instruction book is at. The side bobbin winder,
fills up each bobbin even, and stops when full.

This machine is a class 66 "drop-in bobbin", that you have to put the bobbin in the bobbin case, and
the bobbin thread behind the bobbin case "tension spring", after filling your bobbin, with the same
thread on the top and bottom. If the tension is to loose or to tight, use the "small" regular tip screw
driver, and adjust the tension screw on the metal bobbin case. *Tips, (righty-tighty or lefty-lucy),
until the thread pulls snug, then your in the ball park. "If", you "see" loose stitches on the top of your
material, "tighten up the tension screw", a 1/8", turn, then check your stitch again. The top tension
dial from: 0-9, is easy to turn so you can set your "tension", for the material's, your going to use, on
your project's. Normal tension is between 2-3, depending on the tickness of your fabric, your
thread, and the needle, used.

And it comes with the:(Original electrical foot/knee pedal, power cord, and the carrying case),
shown ! With the accessories shown below in the images !

Single Needle
Threading Chart
Top Loading Cam
Dual Top Spool Pins
Pressure Bar Adjusting
Front Tension Adjustable Dial
Drop-in Bobbin
Left-Center-Right Needle Positioner
Adjustable Stitch Width: (0-5)
Adjustable Stitch Length
Free Motion Darning
Side Bobbin Winder
Adjustable Knee/Foot Controller
Twin Needle Usage
120V-15W Light with Turn Switch
All Metal Gear Driven
Easy Turn Hand Wheel
Easy Turn Clutch for Winding Bobbins
Original Carrying Case

Accessories Included:
(1), Straight Stitch Foot
(1), All Purpose Zig Zag Foot
(1), Zipper Foot
(1), Clear Blind Hem Foot
(1), Thumb Screw
(1), Seam Guide
(1), Straight Stitch Needle Plate
(1), Zig Zag Needle Plate
(1), Metal 66 Class Bobbin Case
(1), #0 Cam=Zig Zag
(1), #1 Cam =Arrow Head
(1), #2 Cam =Single Scallop
(1), #4 Cam
(1), Small Regular Tip Screw Driver
(1), Seam Ripper
(1), Small Lint Brush
(1), 120V, 15Watt Frosted Light Bulb
(6), Class 66 Metal Bobbins
(10), Class 66 Plastic Bobbins
(1), Pack of:(10)pcs, Organ HAx1,130/705H,15x1,Size: 75/11 Sharp Point Needles
(1), Pack of:(10)pcs, Organ HAx1,130/705H,15x1,Size: 90/14 Sharp Point Needles
(1), Original Knee/Foot Controller with Lead Cord
(1), Original Electrical Power Cord
(1), Original Carrying Case

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Condition: Used, Clean, Pre-Service:
5-10-2017, Floor Model, Sale Price !

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in a well secured guideline shipping carton, Not the Original box !

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