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L.E.D-O-Brite, LED 28 Task Lamp Light Flexible
with 28 Bulbs, 22" Flex Goose Neck, 140 Lumens,
3" Pivot Head, Honeycomb 2~48W,
60,000 Hours Service Life for Years of
Light with 2 Way-Adjustment for Brightness  
Our Sale Price$59.99
Adjustable Uberlight Flexible LED Task
Light with 28 LED Lights,110V Built-in
on/off Switch, No Clamp
Sale Price$89.99
The Omega 5 Magnifier is a modern, 110V
ergonomically designed magnifying lamp. It has a
large 5" diameter, 3 diopter,1.75X, glass lens and
high power LEDs with 2 brightness levels for clear
viewing. The internal spring arm allows accurate
positioning. It comes with two 5" diameter lenses in
3 diopter and 5 diopter.               
Sale Price$249.99
The Daylight Slimline LED Magnifying Lamp, 110V,
provides high contrast and accurate color matching,
making it easier and less tiring to work and see detail
clearly. LED’s never need replacing and use very little
Bright Daylight LED’s, High quality 13cm/5”
lenses included, 1.75X and 2.25X * Lamp brightness
6000 Lux at 15cm * Total amount of visible light
emitted in Lumens is 756 * Total amount of visible
light emitted in Lumens is 756, No Floor Stand !
Sale Price$218.99
There are five great reasons to use the Daylight Mag
Lamp S + Floor stand, 110V,
Magnification, Clarity,
Brighter, Color and Ergonomics. The MAG Lamp S with
floor stand is a modern and attractive slim design, ideal
to see and work on projects where detail is key. It has 2
brightness levels and a 5" diameter, 3 diopter (1.75X)
glass lens. The adjustable spring arm will allow you to
position the magnifier exactly where you need it. Floor
stand with lockable wheels included.
Sale Price$198.99
Hands FREE Magnifier Head Strap with
Double Lens & Lights
Sale Price$16.99
Magnetic 110V,Bright LED Bendable Lamp
with on/off switch
Sale Price$29.99