Nylon Bonded Thread

                        About Nylon

Nylon was developed in the 1930's. Seventy-five years later it is still one the most widely
used synthetic threads in the world. Nylon's high strength-to-size ratio, abrasion
resistance, ease of sewing, and relatively low cost are the key reasons for this success.
Nylon customers consistently get strong durable seams that last "forever'.

No thread is completely chemical resistant. Nylon stands up well to most chemicals. But,
polyester has a slight edge in this area.

Nylon thread tends to stretch about 26%. This means that 12 inches of nylon will stretch
to 15 inches over time. This is usually good because it lets your seams adjust to
movement and changes in temperature. Because nylon stretches, it may not a good choice
for projects involving webbing or hanging things.

Size 69 Middleweight Nylon thread used for sewing leather, upholstery, canvass, and vinyl.
Stitching blends with most fabrics.
Cannot be broken by hand. Usually requires a
commercial sewing machine.

Size 69 Nylon is a middleweight thread typically used for sewing leather, lightweight
upholstery fabric, canvas, and vinyl. Stitching, with a size
16 or 18 needle, is noticeable.
This size is also known as Tex 70 and Government Size E. It has an 11 lb. (5.0 kilo) tensile
strength; a 0.115 in. (0.2921 mm) diameter; and gives about 6,000 yards (5,480 meters)
per pound.
It is the largest size that most home domestic sewing machines can handle.
Standard colors are colors we are reorder on a regular basis. Non-standard colors may no
longer be available.

Sizes Available: 69 & 92

4 oz. or 16 oz.

Color Available


Off White


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