The Amazing "New" 1 or 2 Needle Installer

This new 1 or 2 needle installer is made of a hard plastic that will hold all 15 x 1,Ha x 1,DC x
1F and most of any sewing,serger,embroidery,quilting needle(s),that can Help you insert or take
out needle(s),from your machinery and it is easy to use.

*Simply hold the plastic installer in your hand as shown,turn the hand wheel until the needle
clamp is in it highest position,insert 1 or 2 needles into the hard plastic designed installer with
the flat shank of the needle(s),into the installer. Loosen the needle set screw(s),on the needle
clamp and line the flat shank side of the needle(s),into the needle clamp. Push up the needle
installer by holding it up,tighten the needle(s),screws and slowly pull straight and slide down
the needle installer off the needle(s).

*Removing needle(s): Simply turn the hand wheel until the needle clamp is at the highest
position,slide the needle install as shown up until the needle installer is fully up into the
needle(s),loosen needle set screw(s),and slowly pull down the needle installer. Just in a few
minute(s),you can re-install new needle(s) and put your "New" needle install in a safe place
where you find it easy and you can use it,the next time you need it.

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