Juki DDL-8700-7, Single Needle High Speed,
Lockstitch Machine with Automatic Thread
Trimmer,Auto Presser Foot Lift & DC Servo Motor

By thoroughly investigating and modifying the sewing mechanisms in order to achieve low-tension
sewing, the machine flexibly responds to various kinds of materials and produces beautiful seams of
consistent quality.


4,500-5,000 Max Sewing Speed

4.5mm Stitch Length

Non Rotating Bobbin Device

Automatic Thread Trimmer

Automatic Backtack

Automatic Foot Lift

1-Needle, lockstitch, machine with new non-rotating bobbin device, automatic thread trimmer, auto foot
lift and new servo motor.

Sewing quality is even and consistent with the non-rotating bobbin device, composed of a special hook,
bobbin and bobbin case

Bobbin thread tension remains constant and thread remains tight when trimmed

5,000 maximum sewing speed

4.5mm stitch length

Non rotating bobbin device

Automatic thread trimmer

Presser foot lift by hand, 5.5 mm; by knee, 13 mm

Needle bar stroke 30.7 mm

Hook auto lubricating full rotary hook

US Warranty: 90 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.

Included Accessories as Shown in Photo:
(1) Metal Bobbin Case
(1) Knee Lift & Pad
(1) Spool Pin Metal Stand
(2) Spool Pin Supports
(2) Spool Pin Felts
(1) Bobbin Winder
(2) Euro Metal Hinge & Rubber Cushions
(2) Rubber Front Oil Pan Rubber Cushions
(1) Oil Pan & Umbrella
(1) 43" Motor Belt
(1) Motor Belt Guard
(1) Large Regular Tip Screw Driver
(1) Medium Regular Tip Screw Driver
(1) Hard Acrylic Machine Support
(4) Aluminium Bobbins
(1) Small Round Magnet
(3) DB x 1 Size 90/14 Needles
(1) Quart of Clear Machine Oil
(1) Instruction manual
(1) Knockdown Stand

US Warranty: 90 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.

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