Juki HZL-80HP-A, Computerized Home Quilting &
Sewing Machine with 180 Patterns, 7 Automatic
One Step Buttonholes, Top Loading Drop-in
Bobbin, Memory Function and So Much More !

Product Details:
With the Juki HZL-80HP that holds 180 sewing patterns including 1 font of letters, this home
sewing quilting machine inspires the functions. Sewing comfortably by using easy to use touch
pattern buttons and like using the easy to pull down automatic needle threader. The start/stop
buttons allow you to use with just a touch from a finger. As the reverse buttons  reinforcement
stitch each time you press one. When using the needle up/down feature position that will allow
to change your needle stop position instantly. By the easy to use designed snap-on buttonhole foot,
it will preform automatically to sew buttonholes according to the size of the button you place
into the back of the foot after pulling down the buttonhole lever and selecting the buttonhole
style of your desire. When using thick fabric's you can use the easy to turn adjustable presser foot
pressure knob that's on top of the left hand side of the machine to fine tune your fabric feeding.

The Juki HZL-80HP-A is a awesome home computerized sewing-quilting machine is easy to use.
You can change the size of stitch patterns as well as needle positions while your sewing, by
touching the adjustable buttons. You can sew both monogramming letters and patterns with the
quick release reference plates that you can easily slide out to choose your favorite stitch patterns
without a hassel. And the Juki HZL-80HP-A weighs just 12 pounds - great for easy portability.


197 Stitches: This machine includes all the stitches you'll ever need. Everything from utility, to
stretch, to heirloom is built into this machine. There are dozens of eye-catching decorative
stitches with fine details not seen in this home quilting - sewing machine.

Automatic Needle Threader: Thread your machine from start to finish
in seconds, a must have for beginners or hard to see threading the needle.

(7), Automatic One-Step Buttonhole Feature: This feature
creates perfectly sized buttonholes each time with the touch of a button. Simply install the 1
One-Step Buttonhole Foot and pull down the buttonhole lever and press go. Sit back, relax while
your machine does all the work in front of you.

Automatic Lock Stitch Feature: The securest way to lock in your
stitches is by a push of a button when enabled. The lockstitch automatic sews three
lockstitches at the start and end of your fine finished even seam.

Drop Feed Dogs Feature: With the flip of a switch, it easily disengage the
feed dogs and drops them down. This allows you to do free-motion quilting, like a quilt stipple
and for darning.

The Extra High Presser Foot Lift: This feature is a must have feature
for anyone looking to quilt or sew layers of cotton or fleece. This machine has a total presser foot
clearance of 12mm, a height size of a: (15 class plastic bobbin) ! Meaning you can sew bulky fabric
easily without jamming the machine.

The LED Stitch Pattern Selector: With so many stitch patterns to
choose from, the bright LED indicator allows you to easily enter the stitch pattern number you
wish to sew.

The Monogramming Alphabet: Monogramming everything with the
designed built-in feature for upper and lower case alphabet as well as numbers by a simple touch.

The Memory Function: With the ability to store 30 pattern settings and letter
combinations, you can easily switch to your favorite, customized stitch pattern by selecting your
choice from the buttons on the front of the machine.

Needle Stops in Lowest Position Feature: This awesome
feature is all about convenience. The needle automatically stops in the down position after each
pattern is complete. Meaning you can easily pivot around corners, change directions without
losing your stitch position! To place the needle in the upper or down position, simply touch and
press the needle up/down button.

Speed Control Lever Feature: A lead foot can really wreck on your
fabric. The speed control slide over lever allows you to better control your stitch speed. That
means it's better stitches and for smoother seams.

The Stitch Width and Stitch Length Adjustment
With a easy press of a button you can increase or decrease your stitch length and
width to your desire. The settings are displayed on the bright LED indicator.

Top-Loading / Drop-in Bobbin Feature: The Drop-in bobbin
are the easiest to install, reinstall, and troubleshoot in the bobbin case. The clear cover makes it
easy to see and check your bobbin and monitor thread levels thats left on the bobbin without
having to remove the bobbin case and it shows you how to re-thread the bobbin case.

The Free Arm with Built-in Storage: The detachable accessory
sewing bed can be quickly removed to allow for circular sewing. Like for hemming pants,shirt
cuffs and pillow cases. Simply flip down the cover of the detachable accessory unit to discover the
convenient storage space.

Stitch Count: 197
Stitch Per Minute: 800
Bobbin Load: Top Load
Needle Threader: Yes
Button Hole: 1 Step
Max Stitch Width: 7mm
Max Stitch Length: 4.5mm
Dimensions: 15.75" X 11.25" X 7.25"

SPM: 800
Max Stitch Length: 4.5mm
Max Stitch Width: 7mm
Weight: 13 lbs.

Included Accessories:
(1), General Purpose Foot
(1), Blind Stitch Foot
(1), Buttonhole Foot
(1), Button Sewing Foot
(1), Zipper Foot
(1), Quilt Guide
(3), Bobbins
(1), Pack of Needles
(1), Spool Pin Cap
(1), Spool Pin
(1), Seam Ripper/Brush
(1), Screw driver
(1), Hard Cover
(1), Foot Control Pedal
(1), Electrical Power Cord
(1), Instruction Manual
(1), DVD

Warranty by Juki: 2 Years Electronic, 5 Years Mechanical, 90 Days Parts & Labor

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