Juki Home Serger (8)pcs, Pk., Snap-on Presser Foot

This special package of designed Juki home overlock serger, coverstitch, coverhem (8),pcs, presser
foot kit is very handy when you need the one your looking for and it sits among all other feet in
this hard clear storage box. Simply open the box and "BAM", you can choose the one you need for
your project(s). Each are very easy to insert on your Juki model, in a snap, you'll enjoying these
amazing presser feet on your machine for models: (MO-623, MO-644D, MO-654DE, MO-655,
MO-734DE, MO-735).This is a handy kit that comes with Free-Instruction Manuals, that shows you
how to use each presser foot individual, and what kind of stitch each make.

(8)pcs.,Pk.,Kit Includes:

(1),Beading Foot: For attaching peals & beading with over-lock stitching.

(1),Blind Stitch Foot: For making blind hems.

(1),Cording Foot: For attaching wire on edge of fabric.

(1),Curved Beading Foot: For attaching pearls & beading on a curve.

(1),Elasticator Foot: To attach elastic tape to stretch fabric(s).

(1),Gathering Foot: For gathering & sewing with differential feed.

(1),Piping Foot: For sewing piping on your project(s).

(1),Universal Blind Stitch Foot: For making blind hem easy.

(1),Clear Storage Box as Shown in Image Above

(8),Free-Instruction Manuals,that shows you how to use each presser foot individual.

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