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Russell Mclean, from MI.                     September 23, 2010 at 11:08 AM

Thank you Dane,
I am very happy that you have helped the way you have, it speaks volumes of your character. Also liked the pictures on
your website in the link on your home page when I clicked on the sewing machine on crutches. Your work stands out
just like your preformance on handling your customers the way you do. I also use a okami gold (twice as sharp)
machine to do my scissors and now with my new Tru-Hone Industrial electrical knife sharpener I purchased from you
will help our business on cutting professional edges on our customers dull knives. Nice to deal with another tradesman
and a businessman who helps his customers prompt. Once again I thank you for your help, you are an honorable
Thank you, Russ
RE: Pfaff Hobbylock 4870 Parts
From: Ruth in Houston,Texas          

Thanks for your kind words. As it turns out, I may end up having to purchase a new serger after all. Apparently, the local dealer who
said he tried to fix my serger and then told me he could not because the parts were no longer available did not tell me the truth
about what actually happened to my machine. What I discovered today is that the dealer broke off the screw that holds the thread
guides on and, when he could not get the rest of the screw out, decided he did not want to bother trying to fix it anymore. Instead of
telling me what happened, he simply called and told me to pick it up my machine. When I did, he explained to me that he couldn’t
fix it because the parts he needed were no longer available. He never told me about the broken screw. He was at least nice enough to
return what’s left of the screw, the spring, and the thread guides (that’s how I figured out what had really happened) but he was not
honest enough to tell me he had broken the screw himself. Now I’m not sure if the machine can be fixed at all. Anyway, I’m really
disappointed that I may not be able to fix my serger but I am glad that I found out the truth. I only wish I had taken my machine to
someone else to be fixed properly. Thanks again for your help. It’s nice to know that there are some honest people like you out there
willing to help someone like me.

Ruth                                                          Wednesday, February 2, 2011 6:31 PM
Mrs.P.Walls,                                                   Covington, La.70433
Just wanted everyone know what a pleasant experience i had visiting your store - i love my new purchase -appreciated
your help in making my decision -price was the best and it is great to deal with someone who knows their merchandise
and gives the customer the attention and service needed- and i understand the full meaning about compatible accessories-
i know they do not come with a machine at Sale Price or not - i know i must pay for those before hand- thanks again
from a very satisfied customer!
                                                                     January 14, 2011
We were so glad we stopped at Dr. Dane's Sewing Machine Hospital Sales & Service display store in Mandeville, La.
today. We found that the owners take much pride in this market and Field and the his Outstanding Professional Service
was Prompt ! No Deposit,No Waiting weeks for your machinery ! While wondering if it was technology fixed properly.
This Dr. Dane, Really knows his field and his knowledge on all major brands,models + any proper part that is needed !
And their attitude is awesome, just like his work ! When I purchase my next machine soon,my husband and I will make
sure we come here ! Thank You Dr. Dane for All Your Goodness and Your Great Effort on leading us on directions No
other offers !

"Keep Up the Great Work" your staff provides and please continue to stay in our area. *Without You,we are Doomed !!!  
Five Stars !  
by FeFe     
Local Listings, User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars  by Bright Eyes Wish there was Ten Stars !!! This is the
best company ever!! Such great products and the service and friendly staff is outstanding!!! You wont
be disappointed with these people!! Once you shop here you will never want to go to any other
place!! Keep Up The Great Work!!
                                                 Tuesday, September 11, 2012 10:56 AM
Hello Dane! Just wanted to let you know I rec’d my sewing machine 09/07, and am downright THRILLED with it! I can’t
believe how quiet it is! You do beautiful work and I am thrilled I found your business on the internet. Thank you and look
forward to doing business with you again!

Paula Bee
                                                  Wednesday, October 31, 2012 8:32 AM
Hello again!
First, I love dealing with you guys as your on point with everything I have needed in the past. We will continue to
recommend everyone to shop with your company and we like how easy your website is easy to understand, Keep up the
good work!

James Coats
Sent from James Coats' iPhone
                                                           Sunday, March 3, 2013 12:39 PM
Hi, Wanted to pass along a big thank you to everyone involved with the custom cut top and leg set I recently ordered.
The cut is perfect for this machine. It all went together very quickly and in no time we were fully operational. I've
attached three pictures so you can see how nice it came out. Thanks so much for a quality product.

David J Perillo, Chief bottle washer,
Mini Hobo Bags
This is a fabulous small business. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a good sewing machine doctor! I had a
50-year old machine that was missing parts, and even though I was not sure what the names of those parts were - Dr.
Danes knew. They shipped the parts to me right away and they worked beautifully.
Mair                                                              Veracruz, MT Mexico
Dr. Dane s is the place to bring your machine if it needs to be fixed!! I brought my Pfaff 1245 from across the lake because...

Thank you sew much!! My Pfaff 1245 is sewing like a dream. Finished my first boat tarpolin.

Metairie, La. 70005
Posted on 04/22/13
From: Tom Neis
October 25,2013 at 4:08 P.M

Thank you, I appreciate your expertise and you can bet I checked your operation out before I considered ordering from you. You do
indeed have a great reputation and have been very helpful.
I am a retired Mechanical Engineer and in my working years, I designed and developed Flight instruments for commercial jets.I have
been working on donated sewing machines and sergers as a volunteer for the last 10 years or so for sale at low cost in a St. Vincent
de Paul thrift store.

My reputation has spread in the community and I have been able to help many with their machines at low cost.There is no
professional shop in our county here in Arizona.  

Good doing business with you,Glad I found you and hope to order more parts in the future.

Tom Neis
                                                                  November 09, 2013 at: 6:40 A.M.
From: Sherri Barton
To: info@drdanessmh

Dr. Dane, thanks so much for the recent work on my machine as follow-up to your earlier work. I was so surprised at no charge, since I am a
repeat customer of yours, 20 years or more. It's been running just fine for now. If/when I need to totally replaced the motor, I'll be back. I truly
appreciate your help with this family heirloom machine.

Kind Regards
Catherine L.                                                                       9/18/2014

This place was fabulous, I have never felt so comfortable leaving my precious sewing machine with this man, Dr Dane. He was very
experienced and kind. Will be back and bring my other machines. The service is done in a timely manner and well. All my friends
will be happy to know I've found the place to bring my machines and there's too!!

Covington, La.
great place!! excellent service, friendly staff. i will always trust my sewing machine with this sweet mom  and pop store!

Darlene Smith
Madisonville, La.
Trina D.                                                                        11/19/2014
Covington, LA.

Went to Dr. Danes store last week to look into getting a new machine and he asked me if I have one already, I said yes but that it
hasn't worked for a year and I felt that it was to old to fix but after talking to Mr. Dane he explained to me unless I just wanted a  
new machine with more options that  the old one could be fixed at a reasonable price and  would run many more years to come!
Wow most places want to get you into a new model whether you need one or not, just to get your money !!!

Mr. Dane really made me feel like he cared I will recommend him, He treated me as he would his own Mother !~
Dr. Dane's Sewing Machine Hospital is the place to bring your machine.
I have been sewing for over 50years and I would not trust anyone else with my machines.  He is honest and knowledgeable.I travel over 30
miles just to bring my machines to his shop. Today it is hard to find the personal care Dr. Dane invest in servicing your sewing machines.  

Not enough stars in heaven for Dr. Dane. I have a serger older than dirt and the needle on the plate was gone. Dr. Dane fixed one when no one else would try. Now I am
sewing for missions and it works beautifully. I drove over three (3) hours and well worth the drive. Thank you for the way I was treated and the service I received. God
bless you and your business.

Jackson, Ms.
                                                                                           Jan 14 2017 at 12:34 PM
The Necchi part -- check spring -- arrived last evening. THANK YOU so much for your quick service as well as the wonderful "free gifts!"
I'm sure I'll be ordering from you again and will be sure to mention you to my friends.

Thank you again,
Connie Ross
Colorado Springs CO 80903
From:                                         Feb 15 2017 at 5:47 PM    
I can't thank y'all enough for taking the time to help. Thank y'all for the great advice, and the information to order the right parts.I love that y'all
are neighbors also. Maybe one day I'll drive my Mom up to y'alls shop. She would get a great kick out of that.

I'm waiting patiently for Monday for the arrival of the motor. I'm headed to Mississippi soon after to work on a film. But when we wrap in about
a month, I'll email y'all and set up a visit. The greatest thing in life I can accomplish is to make my Mother smile. Y'all have given me one of those
opportunities. I can't thank y'all enough and wish y'all the best for doing that.
See y'all soon !

Na'wlins = New Orleans'
Robert Zas