brother pc8500 embroidery machine/

Brother PC-8500 Pacesetter, Single Needle,Used,
Combo Sewing/Quilting/Embroidery Home Machine
with Accessories Shown Below in Image

This electronic,Used, Brother PC-8500 Pacesetter, combo sewing/ quilting/ embroidery free-arm home
machine is in good condition,it does hold normal ware-n-tear, it's not all banged-up and the materials moves
fine on the surface. When either sewing/quilting or using the embroidery unit with the technology designed
unit and it is clean throughout and it holds nice stitches. The electronic PC-8500 Pacesetter, has a easy-to-
use electronic touch screen display panel that you can easy select for your patterns,such as: (Utility,
Decorative, Embroidery Edit, Embroidery Memory).The display touch screen panel will allow you to select
the designed features and it will show instructional sewing messages with a easy touch on the lighted touch
screen designed panel. Where it will allow you to see on the screen for editing, combine patterns,ad text
and which embroidery frame is easy to use. With a one touch design feature with memory recall for
embroidery and editing.

When editing it will let you select either:(mirror image, rotation of pattern(s), and this well designed used
Brother shows you the designed featured layout function for pattern placement. The Brother PC-8500
Pacesetter display panel even shows the suggested thread color,estimated embroidery time,needle point (-
or +),touch selection buttons to (back up or forward),the stitch if the thread breaks.When your bobbin is
getting low and when to change thread color(s),even cuts your threads. It has a (curve),button to select
when wanting to curve the letterings and size it and it even shows the graphic of the pattern and appropriate
hoop sizes. And with all the amazing built-in stitches you select you will enjoy this featured durable
constructed designed machine in which it is considered the workhorse of all Brother machines,by Brother. It
also includes (3), monogramming fonts, one point, satin, cross stitches plus the exclusive on the decorative
or utility stitches you select. Another designed feature is: you can even use the
(Start/Stop),button that is on
the front of the machine and you do not need to use the foot control pedal,but you can not used the
(Start/Stop), designed features button if the foot control pedal is plugged into the machine, it is one or the
other. You can easily choose from (1-7),one-step,auto-size buttonhole(s), with the (8), directional straight
stitch patterns and to top it off... "there are directional zig-zag stitches to select as well. This Brother PC-
8500 Pacesetter, holds a easy to use drop feed for free motion quilting or embroidery in where you can
easily moves your fabric sitting or standing behind it. The stitches are huge designs with no need to re-
position the hoop you use and the built-in monogramming option with 10 included alphabet fonts, from 5" to
the smallest letters for patches, t-shirts, cuffs, collars and baby-bibbs.

used Brother PC-8500 Pacesetter, is very clean for it's model and it was a (1), owner machine and
this machine everything works fine except for the automatic needle threading,but with the tweezer you will
receive, using it is easy to thread the needle. And this machine will do just about anything that the new ones
will do today,except for connect directly to the worldwide Internet to download. There are 600 different
stitches programmed into the designed featured, memory and you can use each when desired. The hard
cover case holds the embroidery unit the machine foot pedal,power-lead cord,the medium hoop (5” x 6”),
and the knee lever and it also keeps the machine safe when either hauling or storing.

Single Needle
600 Different Stitches
Drop-in Bobbin
Diamond Tip Feed Dog
Top Loading Bobbin Winder
Electronic One Touch Front Panel
Embroidery & Editing
Start/Stop Button
Reverse Button
Needle Up/Down Button
Directional Zig-Zag
1-7 Buttonholes
Curve & Array Button
Rotation of Pattern
Embroidery Memory
Mirror Image
Electronic Display Threading Chart
Automatic One-Step Buttonhole
Forward & Backward Needle Point - & +
Reverse & Forward Search Button
Trial & Layout Button
Knee Lift Option
120V, 60Hz, 1.1Amp
Lamp Max. 12V, 5Watt
Help Button

Accessories Included:
(1), Slide-on Embroidery Unit
(1), Medium Hoop 5" x 6", with template
(1), Metal Foot Shank
(1), Embroidery Foot
(1), Buttonhole Attachment Foot
(1), J, Metal Zig-Zag Foot
(1), G, Metal Snap-on Overcasting Foot
(1), N, Metal Snap-on Monogramming Foot
(1), R, Metal Snap-on Blindhem
(1) M, Plastic Button Foot
(1), Metal Snap-on Zipper Foot
(1), Small Seam Ripper
(1), Small Lint Brush
(1), 5" Bent Tweezer
(1), Accessory Tray
(1), Electronic Foot Control Pedal
(1), Electrical Power Cord
(1), Pack of (5)pcs, Schmetz Gold Stick-Nadal 130/705H-ET,90/14
Embroidery Needles
(1), Pack of (5)pcs, Schmetz Special HAx1SP,15x1SP, 90/14 Needles
(1), Hard Plastic Cover

US Warranty: 30 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.

Availability: Yes

Used, Good, Clean, Floor Model, Serviced 05-30-15, Re-Serviced 01-19-17, Brand New Needle
Bar with Clamp, Bobbin Case, Cover Plate,Tension Rollers, Auto Knife Cutting Blade & Nice Embroideries
as well as all others !

Shipping: This item usually leaves our store location 4-7 days and it will be shipped in a well packed
shipping guideline carton, not the original box.

Returns: Non-Returnable, Non-Refundable, Non-Creditable, Non-Replaceable

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