AlbaChem 20 FL.OZ,(591 ml) Surface Alcohol  Spray

A quick and effective way to clean and disinfect
surfaces. Contains 80% ethanol, which is highly
effective in disinfecting surfaces due to its powerful
virus and bacterial killing properties.

AlbaChem NO.777
Alcohol, 80% Solution
Quick and Effective
Reduces Bacteria
Safe for Most Surfaces
Always test surface before using
Cleans and disinfects work and home surfaces
Helps reduce the transfer of viral and bacterial contagions to hands and faces
Great for phones, tablets, keyboards, door knobs, desks, counters and most other surfaces
Evaporates quickly reducing the exposure to vapors

Directions for use:
Test by spraying onto a inconspicuous area before spraying entire surface
If spraying on electronics, apply on a rag and rub surface with damp rag
If spraying on a other surfaces, apply an even coating to all exposed surfaces
If using on clothing or mask, allow to dry completely before wearing
Avoid spraying on skin or face
Do not apply to clothing or fabric while wearing

Appearance: Clear Liquid
Odor: Alcohol-like
Flashpoint: 55°F
pH Value: Neutral
V.O.C.’s: 80% by Volume
Shelf Life: > 1 Year
Solubility in Water: Complete

Hmis Hazard Rating:
Flammability: 4:Extreme
Health: 1: Slight
Physical Hazard: 2: Moderate
Personal Protection: X: Ask Supervisor
Transport Information: Limited Quantity

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