www.drdanessmh.com sewing machine service and repair/

Each Patient that comes into www.drdanessmh.com for Surgery,each get quick recovery @ their ages ! With a (90)
Service Warranty On All Work Done  & Part(s),Replaced are Returned to the Customer(s), along with their copy of
receipt,with a stamp on it for warranties. While we know all are technically operated correctly + customer(s), are Home
or Businesses Sewing or when they sit down to use it, it works, no band-aids, spouse is happy ! While knowing each of
their machine(s),are Serviced-Fixed,Cleaned,"Inside & Out"! No lint, not over oiled, ready to preform in it's cabinet or not.
This is one of the reasons we stay Busy all these years, other then who I am & what my knowledge is in this market that
brings long hours on what it has been doing for us. All machinery are fully broken down for "Proper Technical Hands -on
Technology Checking & Put together Properly and No Extra Screws, Sounds New. "We found out from our customer(s),
that no other local Parish Technician(s),or owner(s), in our area(s),does not do the Surgery as "We", do or have much of
interest on older model(s).  

You can View through our
ICU/Waiting/Recovery Room Below. Nor do they have Oil under their Finger Nails,Working
Man Hands,Wiping the oil splatter off reading glasses. Or a head strap Magnifier, Hands Free Set or Grey Hair like mine!
With the proper:( instructions, faith, the training, learning), All that comes in the Territory and Technical Businessman. By
staying on Top in his career he puts effect into for machinery surgery. Only by Studying for the past 35 years and moving
forward. Our customer(s),New consumer(s),machinery are back home Sewing and their Spouse or Boss is relief ! It's
Clean and Test Stitch Samples on 100% Cotton,65% Broad Cloth, Knit, Jeans or Vinyl, Canvass, Sunbrella and other
related materials. A long with
"Our Help Directions, Under the Presser Foot", Inside a Clear Plastic Bag to Keep the
Patient All Together on the way home on revival. And while each continue to tell a friend or two the satisfaction each
encountered with us.

Inside you can view the models, makes, brands,
Dr. Dane, takes the time to do for each new customer and their
machineries and answers the questions to his best and we always have rooms available for more Patient's !
Trina D.                                                                                                       11/19/2014
Covington, LA.

Went to Dr. Danes store last week to look into getting a new machine and he asked me if I have one already, I said yes but that it
hasn't worked for a year and I felt that it was to old to fix but after talking to Mr. Dane he explained to me unless I just wanted a new
machine with more options that  the old one could be fixed at a reasonable price and  would run many more years to come!
Wow most places want to get you into a new model whether you need one or not, just to get your money !!!

Mr. Dane really made me feel like he cared I will recommend him, He treated me as he would his own Mother !~
Dr. Dane's Sewing Machine Hospital is the place to bring your machine.
I have been sewing for over 50years and I would not trust anyone else with my machines.  He is honest and knowledgeable.I travel over
30 miles just to bring my machines to his shop. Today it is hard to find the personal care Dr. Dane invest in servicing your sewing

Not enough stars in heaven for Dr. Dane. I have a serger older than dirt and the needle on the plate was gone. Dr. Dane fixed one when no
one else would try. Now I am sewing for missions and it works beautifully. I drove over three (3) hours and well worth the drive. Thank you
for the way I was treated and the service I received. God bless you and your business.

Jackson, Ms.