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                                        At Dr. Dane's Sewing Machine Hospital,
Dane, has been in the market of educational technical Hands-on, and factory training service /retail sales
1984, and from a family of sewing for over 150 years. We are a company that is growing each day
were are open for our business operation hours. It has a well known good name, good reputation, very
friendly, reliable and beau-coup of customers.
Dane, has donated many of reconditioned good working
used machines with notions to either:
Children Orphans, Homeless Shelter Ministries, Red Cross, FEMA,
Senior Citizen, Women Outreach Facilities, Overseas disaster area's, The Great 2016 Flood, Hurricane
Matthew, and Harvey in time of needs. As he continues to support a Israel family each month so their
father can feed his 12 children, giving from a cheerful heart.
With all of his goodness he's shows for others
and his hands-on and educational training you will find at the end of this page and his highly technical
training knowledge. He is good with a voltage/amps meter, screw drivers, test gauges, technical service
manuals, parts research and the telephone, customer service. He know how to dis-assemble each
carefully and replace them correctly, same with the screws, none left-over ! He' knows where to oil and
where not to, with his eyes allow him while pressing forward in the market in his career, know matter what
storm he goes through.
Dr. Dane, has taken his valuable time out to help others while his interest of
understanding the principles for why, and who has brought him into this market.

His Customers and the New Consumers who visit our clean store or from the (In-Home) Services, can
always put their trust into him and staff.
Dr. Dane, supplied and supplies in the (504), zip code area and
the Southern
Louisiana Parishes either service or new product(s), his home-grown town. He does not
have a white collar, nor is he scared to get oil under his finger nails, he is well knowledgeable friendly and
trained others 36 years ago in this market that owns dealership(s). He was also was an
elna Authorized
Dealer and has very well knowledge on all
elna machinery/press/software/ thread/ stabilizer/needles/etc.
Along with his Technical Technology Repair Classes and Sales Certificated with:
(Bernina, Babylock,
elna, Juki, Singer, Viking, White),
knowledge of  all other Vintage makes on home models and
knowledge of
Commercial Machinery, as well as for Parts/Accessories as of today.

Dr. Dane, Offers to each of his Customers, New Consumer(s), and Internet shoppers, the most either
from is knowledge or from products throughout our website. We been working hard on our website for
over 15 years just to make it possible for shoppers,while holding onto dealership accounts that supply us
their products, models, makes, part numbers. Their description for each that are listed throughout our
website and while holding onto our accounts,our purchased service manuals and part books for over 35
years and growing. You may stumble across some product(s), that are our descriptions and part
number(s),but the product(s), shown is the correct item(s), from our specialist distributors for your

*To View our Hospital Room, Simply click on the Sewing Machine on Crutches, that is located on Home
Page or Services Tab. You can view and see the kind of technology and service work
Dr. Dane, has been
doing/does, 6 days a week. This let you see what we do for our customers, new customers and Internet,
Web-Hosting, Shopper(s), all these Southern Years.

Contact us for more information, By Clicking our Contact Policy Tab above or You can reach us by
Face book, Twitter, The Real Yellow Pages, Online Web Browsing or Stop by our Store today to Check
out our selection and meet our friendly staff.


                    Authorized Dealers for Many Products and Parts For All Machines

As we continue to offer our products and working on our website on borrowed time for easy to use and
being here for you, to our possibility,in a timely of fashion,with the best education learned. Due to the
amount of high volume calls received, they are returned in the order which we received. Someone from
our staff will email you, once we receive your email from our *Contact Store Policy*, so if you can have a
little patience with us, remember we are busy too !
About Us

Dr. Dane's Sewing Machine Hospital is the place to bring your machine.
I have been sewing for over 50years and I would not trust anyone else with my machines.

He is honest and knowledgeable. I travel over 30 miles just to bring my machines to his shop.

Today it is hard to find the personal care Dr. Dane invest in servicing your sewing machines.  

I purchased a machine and spent 3 hours total time on the phone with tech support trying to fix my brand new machine that was skipping stitches. I
own a rather large retail brand and when my machine is down we lose a good bit of money. I got fed up with tech support and ran across dr. dane
online and gave him a call.

I told him the situation and the importance of having my machine running correctly. I drove 2 hours on a Saturday evening to drop my machine off.

He called me later that night and told me how much was wrong with it and Monday morning he had me ready to go. I felt like the price was fair and
i even tipped him for his speedy service. 100% recommended especially now that my machine hasn't missed a stitch in a month since i left him.
Speedy service during the Christmas season.

Very friendly. Knows what hes doing. And even did a follow up call to make sure everything was still working good. Highly recommended.

Will be my first call if anything ever goes wrong with any of my 7 machines from industrial sewing machines to
10 needle embroidery machines.

matthew howell                                                                    December 16, 2017